Stardent is a dental office where we provide all types of dental services according to the best global practice.

In the pleasant ambience of the dental practice you can relax and be sure that you are in good hands of our experts who provide both knowledge and  experience.

The goal of Stardent Dental Officeis  to give the patients a beautiful and healthy smile and make them feel comfortable just like while visiting a friend. By applying the highest standards of quality, modern technologies and  by using the best materials available on the market, we want to make surethat every intervention on your teethis a masterpiece.

In the 21st century more attention has been paid not only to dental health but also to dental beauty. The patients’ aesthetic criteria are growing higher, so Stardent Dental Officetakes great care  that patients are satisfied with both  the health and appearance of their teeth, and all this is achieved by expertise, continuous educational up-grading, as well askeeping up withthe modern technology and applying it.

Our priority is to offer each patient a solution that meets their needs and capabilities to the mutual satisfaction.

The reasons for chosing our dental office:

Our doctors:

Irena Rakić
Irena RakićDoctor of Dental Medicine
Doctor of Dental Medicine
She graduated from The Faculty of Medicine in Niš, volunteered at The Institute for Emergency Medical Services Niš, attended a number of local courses, trainings and workshops in the field of prosthetics and aesthetic dentistry.
Dejan Marinković
Dejan MarinkovićDoctor of Dental Medicine
Doctor of Dental Medicine
He graduated from The Faculty of Medicine in Niš, after years of work in the state sector of dentistry, hestarted working in Stardent in 2014, currently specializing in oral surgery.


Stardent Dental Office offers the following services:Prosthetics, Aesthetic Dentistry, Conservative Dentistry, ITOP, Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, Ortopan, Dental tourism … 


Dental tourism

Save on your dental treatment up to 75%. Visit and explore your country! The main reasons that lead to a rise in the popularity of dental tourism are significantly lower prices of dental services and the possibility of quick and inexpensive travel to the desireable destination.


Ortopan center

The office is equipped withthe latest Stardent radiological equipment that enables high-quality, fast and accurate diagnosis.
We offer our patients a complete X-ray service of both individual teeth and the entire jaw.