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About us

Stardent  Dental Office is located in Doljevac at number 41 Nikola Tesla Street, on the main road Niš -Leskovac. The practice has been working since 2006. The owner and founder of the practice is Dr Irena Rakić who recognized the need of the population in Doljevac and surrounding towns for a quality and professional dental care. Over time, the practice has grown into a very modern office equipped with the latest dental appliances and with the extended range of provided services in all areas of dentistry. Today in Stardent, beside the general dentistry services, we perform consultative and specialist activities in the field of oral surgery and orthodontics.

Since 2015, Stardent Dental Office has had ORTOPAN center where the patients are offered X-ray of individual teeth, the whole status of the teeth, jaw joint and sinuses and the latest digital technology, as well as the appliance PLANMECA SIRONA.

Our doctors:

Irena Rakić
Irena RakićDoctor of Dental Medicine
She graduated from The Faculty of Medicine in Niš, volunteered at The Institute for Emergency Medical Services Niš, hasattended a number of local courses, trainings and workshops in the field of prosthetics and aesthetic dentistry.
Dejan Marinković
Dejan MarinkovićDoctor of Dental Medicine
He graduated from The Faculty of Medicine in Niš, after years of work in the state dentistry department, he started working in Stardent in 2014, currently specializing in oral surgery.

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