Pregnancy and teeth

Pregnancy is a condition when a woman should pay a special attention to the health and hygiene of her teeth and gums. We can often hear the patients say that they lost all of their teeth during the pregnancy or that the babies took all the calcium from their teeth. These statements are completely incorrect. [...]

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Bruxism – teeth grinding

Bruxism is an expression denoting over-pressing and grinding of teeth. It is most common at night, although it can also appear in the day if the person is tense, stressed or anxious. There are numerous consequenses of bruxism. The teeth get worn out and flatenned, sometimes even to the roots. Fillings and prosthetic works get [...]

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Dental implants

During the last twenty years, dental implants have become the modern solution for restoring single tooth or all teeth. Due to its special features (the implantation procedure, time and way of finishing the prosthetic work, the price), dental implants are an alternative  for conventional dental works. However, in some cases, such as over-resorbtion of the [...]

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Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most commonly applied interventions concerning aesthetic dentistry. It is required by patients who are not satisfied by the colour of their teeth or who would like lighter and brighter teeth. The colour of the teeth is genetically predetermened, like the colour of the eyes, hair etc. Today, it is [...]

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Composite and amalgam fillings

Amalgam and composite are the two most commonly used materials for minor restoration of damaged teeth  in today's dentistry. Each of these materials has its own development, success, adventages and disadventages. Amalgams have been used in dentistry for over 150 years as a material for the restoration of lost tooth structure. It is [...]

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Dental tourism

Save on your dental treatment and up to 75%. Visit and explore your country! The main reasons that lead to a rise in the popularity of dental tourism are significantly lower prices of dental services and the possibility of quick and inexpensive travel to the desirable destination. The combination of nice and useful while saving [...]

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